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Sirius-PW: Free private server Perfect World /1.3.6/ [x1] PvE
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  1. LOL!!!!
  2. Welcome New Players From other Server

    All you have to do is read all the threads the GM closed in the suggestions section and you will come up with a decision rather easily. The gm thinks Teles and Fash makes server PVP....but the ironic thing is ...you will be forced white name. So don't be fooled by the PVE title. He tells us nothing of plans for the server, just the same robotic response. If you are looking for a server with a friendly staff that actually speaks back with out copy and pasting a response and shuts u down, this isn't the place for you. Like I said, read the threads and choose for yourself
  3. Screw that price! on a private server?? LOL!! Scam!!
  4. ingame Gold

    yeah i read it on FB, no cubi for voting, only donation gets cubi.... kinda like official. Gotta cash to get the better flyers and stuff...>.<
  5. Hi

    Didn't see a General Discussion , so I'll post over here. Just wanted to say hi and it's so cool to finally see a server like this again!!! Hopefully this one will stick around for a long time. So those of you that did the OBT etc....how are you liking it? Can't wait to start playing when the server opens in Nov.