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Sirius-PW: Free private server Perfect World /1.3.6/ [x1] PvE
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      Server successfully started   11/10/17

      Dear players!

      The server was successfully started!
      11/11/2017 17:00 UTC +0000
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      We remind you that you can make donations through your personal account on the site
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  1. Cant start game

    I checked and honestly I'm amused, server is still up.
  2. Reality Russia

    This is not Russia
  3. Reality Russia

    Sadly this is a PW Classic 1.3.6 Version, a hardcore PVE where you can only have way to gain cubi gold to buy stuffs is by donating. If you want a comfortable starts, then donate.
  4. New player

    And your the autistic genius.
  5. New player

    The server is big coz it has a lot of space and a very few people roaming around. rofl
  6. New player

    Welcome to a very oldschool PW. A very big server, so dont wory you can fit in No cubi for voting, no cubi in auction house. You only get cubi by donating. No autopath, and no tab for selecting mobs.
  7. Failed to log in the server

    Hope they fix it before the Archo Invasion.