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Sirius-PW: Free private server Perfect World /1.3.6/ [x1] PvE
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  1. discord?

    there already is or was, idk for sure
  2. Reality Russia

    you can join of course but dont wait for free stuff.. all you can get through gameplay thats it
  3. Reality Russia

    All hes doing is answer in some robotic reply and close thread... Now it even delete them. Dont waste ur time here, you wont get any stuff here for free
  4. New player

    were trying, but some1 doesnt listening at all (admin)... Read suggestions box and see urself
  5. Welcome New Players From other Server

    i can say only bad things about this. Voting is useless here, cubi get only by donate 1:1 rate. Cant get any info out of GM, always answering same sh.it over and over and closing threads, seems its a BOT, not actual person. Screenshot (FB) what u see above is OLD news, Now is maybe 15players left in server, half of it alts probably. Its nice its 1.3.6 version, but nothing changed since opening, maybe some bug fixes, but thats all. There will be answers from others ppl, who gonna say join, but HEAR my words: It's not worth to waste ur time here on this server
  6. Lagging

    Server ir horribly lagging today, every 10-15min its crashing and DC
  7. discord?

    Discord is good thing, but somehow useless here. We are to less ppl, and if want to talk, then its ur choice where u want it
  8. ingame Gold

    i hope its gets changed someday, early as possible.
  9. client

    thats in instructions aswell, all have to do even
  10. ingame Gold

    like always, p2w for starters