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Sirius-PW: Free private server Perfect World /1.3.6/ [x1] PvE
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      Server successfully started   11/10/17

      Dear players!

      The server was successfully started!
      11/11/2017 17:00 UTC +0000
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  2. Paypal

    Dear players! Donate through the payment system is again available to players. Sincerely, Administration of the server
  3. Cant start game

    I checked and honestly I'm amused, server is still up.
  4. Cant start game

    When i start the game. client works but when i check server. it says offline. is it offline? i even allowed the game in my antivirus still nothing. i even turned off my antivirus to see if it that. still nothing. i sent a email to the email address. didnt get a responce its been a week... is the server still active?
  5. Dear players! New Year is a good time! New start and new achievements! To all colleagues - joy, kindness, Strength, health, vivacity, luck! Let comfort always reign in the house, And the soul does not know grief! New Year's fireworks Let raise the bar mood! Sincerely, Sirius-PW Administration

  7. New player

    New player here. Just wanted to say hello to all. I'm downloading game now as we speak. I'll try it and hopefully might stay for some time here
  8. Update v9 (15/12/2017)

    Dear players! Update news (v9 15/12/2017): - Fixed monkey smiley set - Fixed TW maps - Fixed some bugs in Cube of Fate Sincerely, Administration of the server
  9. Offline server

    Add the client to the exclusions of your antivirus. Write your IPs and system information to this e-mail - support@sirius-pw.com
  10. Offline server

    I try to log in, but the server is always off
  11. discord?

    there already is or was, idk for sure
  12. Can't login

    Add the client to the exclusions of your antivirus. Write your IPs and system information to this e-mail - support@sirius-pw.com
  13. 10 active real player on a Guild Bonus

    Only clans transferring from other servers get the bonus.
  14. Can't login

    yeah i'm too, please re-fix this GM.. 2017-12-14 00-27-00.bmp
  15. 10 active real player on a Guild Bonus

    so if we got more than 10 real active players in our Guild means we going to get the same bonus right.
  16. Reality Russia

    The bonus will be given if the number of active real players in your guild will be more than 10.
  17. Reality Russia

    We don't know what bugs were fixed since owners never say anything and tabbing is not under bug category (and ofc it doesn't work)
  18. discord?

    I think this server needs a discord more than any other! It would help bring a lot more communication and even motivation. Any kind soul wanna start one up?
  19. I logged on to this server, downloaded the game, did update, without any warning that the server was stopped ... When I was playing on another server that closed, I thought they were incompetent, why there was always a problem here, another problem there , BUT NOW I know they were not that incompetent !!

  20. Reality Russia

    They fixed tabbing? And no tele wasnot a part of the original server and this is a private server. Tele would not be too much to ask for
  21. Reality Russia

    I don't remembered those thing in classic PWI v1.3.6 Really, i didn't saw easier access to tele. Tab and other bugs are fixed.
  22. Reality Russia

    I sent you a pm however we went to another international russian server untill we can see the improvements made here on sirius and then i will come back to play this server. SIrius has mega great potential and we love the x1 original feel to it. It's just missing vital parts like communication options, Tabbing and autopathing and i be good to go So now we r just waiting haha
  23. Reality Russia

    Joy What server did you go to? 1.3.6 х1? Our team is looking for a foreign PvE server х1-х10 1.3.6 I want to reach a higher level than just Russia
  24. Reality Russia

    Andrey, We wuld LOVE for you to play on Sirius and to see you grow and develop there BUT we are trying to warn you. The Admin and the GM will not give you anything. If they do they will have to give it to us all that has been playing there and struggling in the 6 weeks we were playing from the day it opened. Read the suggestions section. Some of our posts and comments has even been removed or deleted. I asked for Teleacoustics to be able to speak in world chat so that people would see that the server is not dead however the administration here found that it was more relevant for a PK server which Sirius essentially is, however how does teleacoustics affect the game in a pk matter? They told us to keep our eyes out for a big update and for 6 weeks we waited and then this new big update came. It consisted of faction icons and mini bug fixes. So all of Selyum practically left the server and we went to another 1.3.6 server till we can see positive changes on Sirius. Sirius is a great server but it is missing a few basic things like: Vote for gold / silver Easier access to tele so we can communicate and so that new players can see that it is active. Tabbing - Tabbing does not work at all here. Autopath - Does not work. All of this has been suggested several times btw and has been rejected byt the robots that control this siite with a message that says thank you we will consider *thread closed* Or better yet ''Your suggestion is more fit for a PK server'' *Thread Closed*. Idk where you came from but i know that after a little while you would wanna move on to something else because you will quickly find out that no changes will be made . Why do you think that we left? I want to come back but only when i see positive changes.
  25. Reality Russia

  26. Reality Russia

    1$ = 1g lol
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